Thank God for Lisa Merrill !! 

Lisa is part of team of people that are working hard to save my life. A very short time ago I came to Lisa at 509lbs from several recommendations by friends that were working with her. I was reluctant at first because I was of the mind set that it would not work for me. I had been to several nutritionists before and it worked for a while but I was always hungry and eventually I would fall back into a pattern of unhealthy eating. I came to her because I was told that she was different and she would not let me go hungry and I saw that the food plan she provided for other people were yielding amazing results. 

When I first met Lisa I was shocked at the amount of food that I was going to be able to eat. I learned that my Idea of eating was completely wrong and that Lisa truly was not going to let me go hungry. She worked with me on a payment plan that was extremely reasonable and has continues to provide a service that goes above and beyond any business transaction by responding to my food e-mails everyday. I can truly say that Lisa cares for her clients and will do anything to provide them with the tools needed for success. 

The results I have been given are amazing. I have lost 107lbs in just 23 weeks and it has given me my life back. I have gone from borderline bed ridden to living a life that I previously thought were years away not weeks. I have lost weight in the past and it has always come back because you can not "diet" for ever. Lisa's plan of eating for me is not a "diet" it is a way of life that I can live forever. Although I have a more weight to lose I wanted to give an update on how my life has changed in such a short amount of time. If it can work for me it can work for anyone. 

UPDATE 12/09

9 Months on Lisa's food plan.

I can't believe it has been 9 months of Lisa's food plan already. Since I have turned my food over to Lisa  I have gone through so many changes. Yes, the physical changes are the  most obvious but the emotional changes are just as significant. I no longer carry the shame, depression and anxiety that goes along with being overweight.

Since releasing the emotional baggage that came with being 509lbs it has allowed me to discover myself again and with this new freedom from food it has allowed me to be present in my own life. I would look at my weight as a journey that I would never complete. Old diets and work out plans would come to mind and I would beat my self up inside because I was not able to gather up the will power to start them. The physical and emotional pain was unbearable and contributed to complete depression.  I now know that I never have to live that way again.

To my complete shock after losing 171lbs in 9 months I am still not hungry. In fact I am still to this day amazed at the amount of food I get to eat. I feel like a normal person when I sit down to eat with friends. The same people that I was convinced were so ashamed of me are the first ones to step up and make sure there are healthy options available. I am so relieved that I do not have to ride the roller coaster of dieting ever again.

For the first time in many years I am looking forward to the Holidays. My food plan will get me through as long as I am willing to use it. I will not have to worry about what I am going to wear or who is going to see how much weight I have gained.  I am so excited to share my life with everyone because my wife and I have started a family with the birth of my Son.  I can not think of a better gift to give my son for Christmas then a healthy father.

David W is currently down to 281#.  (down 227 pounds) almost to goal weight!   (he's 6'7)


Almost a year and a half on Lisa's food plan! 

I have been enjoying my summer getting together with family, birthday parties and even swimming in the pool.  All these things are gifts that have been given to me and I am so thankful. When I met Lisa she gave me a food plan to get me to 275lbs. Today I weigh 269lbs and have released a total of 240lbs . I am so impressed by Lisa's continued support by responding to my food e-mails and food emergencies during my journey. 

As I enter into the next phase of getting Healthy I am encouraged about some of the other things I have lost along the way. I lost my c-pap machine, high cholesterol levels, prescription antacids, shame, depression, high blood pressure and the medication that goes with it. Hard to believe every one of these things were a side effect of the unhealthy life style I was living.   Having had the experience of losing and gaining large amounts of weight my whole life I know I need to continue to follow the food plan that has been provided for me. The good news is I am still excited about it. I get pure enjoyment of what and how much I get to eat and never feel deprived. I am so relieved that I do not have "white knuckle"  though my food choices for the rest of my life. 

Today I truly thankful for the peace that this food program has provided me. 

Thanks for being a part of my team Lisa! 


  David W.

When my daughter (13) was diagnosed with an eating disorder last year, we were referred, by her physician, to Lisa Merrill for treatment. Not only did Lisa successfully treat my daughter, she mentored her as well. She had a similar situation in her own life and now is able to use that to help others, like my daughter. She was very kind and caring and thus was able to gently persuade my daughter to do the things she needed to do in order to get well. We are very thankful to Lisa for all she did for us.

I began meeting with Lisa to satisfy some concerned friends and family members following a substantial weight loss (which was the result of a drastic decline in calories coupled with the start of a rigorous exercise routine). I initially viewed Lisa as a resource to assist me in meal planning in order to accommodate the amount of exercise I was doing. I was comfortable right away with Lisa's candid and open personality and cheerful disposition - it was like talking to a close friend. In the process of determining appropriate meal plans designed to help me get back up to a healthy weight, it became apparent to both of us that I had a far deeper problem than originally thought. I could not become comfortable with the idea of gaining and struggled with what we both knew was better described as an eating disorder instead of just being underweight.

Lisa has worked with me for the better part of the past year and a half, patiently helping me become comfortable in achieving a heatlhy weight range. Once we determined that my problem stemmed from an eating disorder, she gave me a wonderful referral to her colleague, Dr. Karen LaCourse (right across the hall in the Royal Oak office). Dr. LaCourse soon became instrumental to my recovery efforts and I continue to meet with her as well. I've found her to be so caring and helpful - I always leave her office with a sense of peace and calm, despite what stress is occurring at the moment. One of the greatest things in my recovery process has been this "team" approach. I've allowed the two of them to share information revealed in my individual sessions with each other and I feel that this gives them a complete picture of my progress and any setbacks I've experienced.

With their help and caring, I have learned a lot about myself. I've learned about patience and acceptance of things beyond my control, proper self-care, love and nutrition, and staying focused on the recovery process. This has been a long, hard road and I have a long way to go, but I take comfort in knowing I have such a wonderful support system on my side instead of taking comfort in my eating disorder. I owe so much of my current state of happiness and well-being to both of them and would encourage anyone to feel absolutely confident in recommending their guidance and advice to the closest of friends and family.


I hope you enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having you to help us kick off our 5-A-Day Challenge. I've had several people ask me if and when you would be returning. You really got them thinking. Thanks again.

(message to my speaking coordinator at HAP)
Lisa's presentation was absolutely fantastic! We had about 20 participants and I think everyone got a lot out of it. People stayed after to speak withy her and ask questions. She is personable, very knowledgeable and clearly enjoys what she's doing. You can feel very comfortable having her represent HAP.

Lisa's great sense of humor and easy to understand explanations have helped me to start lowering my blood pressure, getting my cholesterol in check (finally!) and keeping my sugar levels in the normal range. I get a kick out of our sessions because I get practical advice that's easy to follow. I feel better than I have in years and have lots of energy. Many thanks!

South Beach , Adkins, Grapefruit Diet? I was confused and frustrated. Lisa has helped me change my eating habits without pain and I've lost over 10 pounds- plus lowered my cholesterol. She's funny and practical.

I have tried every diet imaginable and not only did I not lost weight, I actually gained weight. I was always afraid to go to a dietitian because I always thought they were too skinny and arrogant, but Lisa is not that way. (She has meat on her bones and looks healthy and is very bubbly) In total desperation, I went to see Lisa and she is the only person in my life who told me that in order to lose weight, I would have to eat MORE food! She bumped up my calories and I have lost 65 pounds in 6 months. I have been able to discontinue my diabetic medication and others and feel healthier than I have in years. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone; she is very professional, knowledgeable, cares so much about her clients, and is wonderful to work with.

I finally got tired of being fat and decided I needed to do something different than fad diets - which I'd done for 20 years.  Lisa is my coach and I am on my way!  6 months later, I'm 30 pounds lighter.  I discovered it's not a diet, it's changing my way of thinking and realizing food is not a reward.  We work on eating issues and Lisa helps me solve problems.  I eat well balanced meals and it hasn't been painful.  I finally get it!!!  Everyone looks at me and thinks it's some kind of miracle.  For the the first time in 30 years I'm finding that thin person inside of me.

Lisa and her enthusiastic manner has taught me about proper nutrition, the benefits of exercise and how to establish portion control.  I have lost 25 pounds and never felt deprived because no food is taboo.  It's a health lifestyle that has made me feel good about myself and thankful to Lisa.

Lisa has created a lifestyle of nutrition and exercise that I can live with.  I am in better shape because of her expertise.

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This is a very powerful letter a recovering anorexic wrote to her eating disorder (ED). It’s beautifully done and painfully honest. It will make you understand how this terrible disease gets a grip on people and how hard they have to work to kick it in the butt. I am also posting it as encouragement for others who are struggling with eating disorders. This letter is used with permission but kept anonymous.   JULY 2010 is another letter from someone else, and this Aug 2010 nutrition tip has more helpful links.


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