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  July 2010
Words of Wisdom from Someone in Recovery from an Eating Disorder  


Honestly Lisa, I really think it started when my meds kicked in and I was able to think a little more clearly.  I just do not want to be controlled by something as stupid and pitiful as ED.  I want to live worry-free (at least for the most part) and have fun.  My friend lost her Mother way too soon recently and it made me realize that every day is a gift, and we should be thankful we are here to share that gift with our family and friends.  ED took a good year and a half out of my life, and I know he will never be gone for good.  But I can push his thoughts and harsh words away because I will not allow something that hurts so many of us take my gift away.  It is so hard to explain and I know ED strikes and affects each one of us in different ways.  I want to tell these people who are still really in a fight with that bastard that they deserve better.  DON'T LET ED WIN!!!!  People love and want to be around me because of my great personality.  I lost that when ED had control.  They need to know that they are strong enough to take that control back.  Life is so much better and they will feel like Superstars once their footprint is a permanent mark on ED's face.  I am very hesitant to write this, because I feel like I am setting up myself for a set back.  But I am going to keep my head up and stay confident.  As long as I believe in myself and remember how enjoyable life is, everything will be ok!  

It also helps to have such a wonderful Angel in my life name Lisa!!!  Love you!!

I am not sure if that will help.  I know my thoughts are all over the place, but I would do anything AT ALL to help this person and anyone who suffers from this disease.  I just really hope they will listen to these and all of the words you have shared with them.  I know I use to close mine off when someone was telling me I was going to be ok and I can fight this.  So hopefully something will stick!

If you need anything else, just let me know.


ALSO SEE ARCHIVED nutrition tip from OCT 08.  This is a wonderful letter that one of my recovered clients wrote to her ED.

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