Nutrition Tip  
  February 2011
Protein Sources  

Every 1-oz chicken, turkey, fish, beef, cheese and pork = 7 grams
1 egg, or 2 whites, or ¼ cup egg beaters = 7 grams
1/4 cup cottage cheese= 7 grams
8 ounces milk or yogurt = 8 grams
GREEK yogurt 6-8 ounces = 14-21 grams
½ cup beans/legumes = 5-7 grams
Vegetarian products (Morningstar Farms/Boca) 9-15 grams
Protein bars (Balance, Zone, etc) 14-16 grams
Soynuts  1/4 cup = 12-14 grams 
Regular nuts 1/4 cup (1 oz)  7 grams….but also 180 cals.
Protein shakes- varies

1 serving whole grains (whole wheat bread, ¾ cup healthy cereal) = 3 grams
1 serving starchy veggies (small potato or 1/2 cup mashed) = 3 grams
And even low starch veggies have a couple grams.

Calculate Protein Needs

Take a healthy weight for YOU in pounds and divide it by two.
That’s about how many protein grams you need per day.

Add 7-10 grams if active/or if you lift weights
Subtract 7-10 grams if you are VERY inactive

Add 20 grams if pregnant
Add 30 grams if nursing

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