Nutrition Tip  
  December 2009
Meal Ideas  

4-6 ounces protein
2-3 servings carb
Moderate fat
Unlimited low starch veggies

Large tortilla/lavash…corn or whole wheat
½ cup ground beef/turkey
¼ cup 2% cheese
½ cup beans
Taco seasoning, or cumin
Veggies, salsa
Dab of sour cream

Lean pork loin
6-9 oz sweet potato
Green beans, salad
Bit of butter or salad dressing

Baked chicken with taco or Italian seasoning
1 cup rice or 6-9 oz potato
Salad..bit of dressing

Chicken greek salad
¼ cup feta
Bit of dressing

Cobb Salad
1-2 ounces turkey
1 -2 Tbsp bacos or real bacon bits
1 oz light cheese
1-2 Tbsp avocado
1 egg
¼ cup dried fruit (2 servings) or 2 couple bread stix
Bit of dressing

Antipasta salad
Skip the salami…or use just 1 oz
Turkey, ham and mozzarrella chunks
Light italian
+  1-2 slices thin pizza with ham or vegetarian

1 cup egg beaters
¼ cup 2% cheese
¼ cup diced ham/turkey
Onions, pepper, tomatoes
2 slices toast or 1 cup shredded potatoes (hashbrowns…available in frozen bags)

Bowl of crushed lentil soup
Chicken schwarma sandwich
OR  BAKED SUPER falafel sandwich  (falafel, hommus and taboli on it)

PAD PAK (like chow mein…just a bunch of good stir fried veggies)…with shrimp or chicken
1 cup rice max

Burger/turkey, venison, buffalo, lean beef
Slice of light cheese…or 1 slice max if regular
Salad…lite on dressing

Tuna- whole 6 oz can (really 4-5 oz protein in it)
Wrap…lavash or tortilla
Lite mayo
Cup of fruit

Easy lunch
1 – 1 ½ cup cottage cheese
2 cups cut up fruit/melon/berries
Handful of pretzels

6 oz baked fish..salmon, tilapia, whitefish
1 cup rice
Steamed broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, mix
<1 Tbsp oil to cook

½ whole wheat pita pocket
3 -5 oz turkey, ham, or lean lunch meat
1 slice cheese..2%
Sprouts or lettuce
<1 Tbsp mayo
Apple or banana

1 pretzel bun (fun thing from Gordon food service)
3-5 oz lean meat above
1 oz cheese
Side salad with romaine lettuce/spinach leaves
2 Tbsp nuts and 2 Tbsp dried fruit
Balsamic vinaigrette

1-1/2 cup whole wheat pasta
Tomato and basil
1-2 oz mozzarella
3-4 oz chicken, or seafood
Side of broccoli, veggie blend

4-6 oz pork chop/chicken
Spice rub
Small Baked potato
Baked apple
<1 Tbsp butter

1 – ½ cup brown rice  or 1 cup white
1 cup asian blend veggies
<1 Tbsp sesame oil
Stir fry sauce, seasonings
4-6 oz chicken or shrimp

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