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  September 2010
Low-Sodium Products  

from  Summer 2010 issue

Many people are not aware of how much salt or sodium they consume in a day. Salt, like sugar, is added to many food products so we have to be cautious about packaged, canned or frozen foods. Over the course of the day the sodium we consume can reach significantly higher amounts then what is considered healthy without us even realizing it. Some of us may pay more attention because of reduced sodium diets for high blood pressure, but all of us need to be more conscious of not having it in excess.

The next time you go shopping consider looking for your favorite foods but with less or no added salt. Most grocery store personnel are happy to assist customers in finding products.

To get you started here are a list of brands that either have no salt added, low or reduced salt:

Beans and Vegetables
Eden Organic assorted beans or vegetables
Del Monte assorted vegetables
Giorgio mushrooms
Contadina tomato paste
Low sodium V8 or Campbell’s tomato juice
Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables
Muir Glen diced tomatoes

Eden Organic spaghetti sauce
Green Mountain Gringo Salsa
Consorio salad dressings
Mrs. Dash marinades
Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon
Kettle cashew butter or other nut butters
MaraNatha organic or natural nut butters

Snack Products
Kettle baked potato chips
Garden Fresh Gourmet Tortilla chips “Unsalted”
Garden of Eatin’ blue corn tortilla chips
Old London Melba toast
Triscuit crackers “Hint of Salt”
Ryvita Light Rye crackers
Wasa crispbreads
Lundberg Brown Rice cakes
Eden Organic Wild Berry Mix (trail mix)

Lawry’s salt-free seasoning
McCormick salt-free seasonings
Mrs. Dash seasoning blends
Nantucket Off-Shore rubs
Kernel Season’s Sour Cream & Onion popcorn seasoning

Don’t let food labels confuse you! Remember most foods have naturally occurring sodium. We want to pay attention to how much sodium is added to foods. Here are some meanings behind the food label claims. According to the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations the following claims can be made for sodium on food product labels:

Label Claim

Requirement for Sodium per serving

Sodium free, no sodium, zero sodium, without sodium

Less than 5 mg per serving
Sodium chloride or salt is not listed under “Ingredients”

Very low in sodium

35 mg or less sodium

Low sodium , low in sodium, little sodium, low source of sodium

140 mg or less sodium

Reduced sodium, sodium reduced, less sodium, lower in sodium (Example: 30% less sodium….”

Must have a minimum of 25% less sodium then the typical food item

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