Nutrition Tip  
  March 2011
OA abd OAHOW Colonoscopy Preparation Guidelines  

1. Make sure to drink plenty of water!!!

2. Unlimited broths- veggie, chicken

3. For your carbs…  use 4 oz apple juice (or colonoscopy prep approved- no sugar added of course)

Every 4 oz juice = 1 fruit or 1 starch in your plan
Do not drink this juice straight.  The sweetness could be a trigger so add at least 4 oz water to every 4 oz juice for your fruit or starch serving.

4 oz applejuice + at least 4 oz water = 1 fruit 
8 oz juice + at least 8 oz water = 2 starches

Protein- you won’t get any today
Veggies – you won’t get any today

If you are doing artificial sweeteners- ok to do colonoscopy approved (non red/purple/blue) Jello, Gatorade, and Crystal light.   I’d keep these too a minimum. 

For the day of the procedure, you may be a little groggy from the anesthesia once you arrive home and if you are behind on a meal, just start your normal plan (I’d do softer foods…lower fiber) from the time you wake up.     

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