Exercise Tip  
  May 2011
Spring is in the Air!  

Time to dust off the bicycles and tennis shoes and go out into the fresh air! Have you seen the colors popping up –flowers, buds, leaves and fields? Maybe you only have time to see the grass turning green on the side of the road on your way to work, but trust me you can see spring everywhere. The birds are singing and it is time to go out and take it all in! You may be in the part of the world that does not get snow and the lawns stay green year round (you are so lucky!). But for the rest of us, the outdoors is looking appealing. Of course much credit goes to those of you who keep your running shoes used year round or take advantage of winter activities! However some of us have been “hibernating” and now it is time to come to life again!

Some ideas:

Idea # 1
Walk the dog. Get a dog, borrow a dog. Watch my dog when I go on a much needed vacation! Anyway a dog is known to be a great companion and also a great reason to get some exercise. Dogs need to be walked daily and if you need a friend to walk with, then your little buddy is always ready and willing! And in most kinds of weather (rain or shine) – no more excuses! If you have enough room in your home environment and have the time to take care of a dog – there are many dogs these days that have been abandoned and rescued that need good homes. And the bonus is unconditional love and a motivator to get outside and walk, run or play! Also, animal shelters are always looking for people to help walk their dogs as well.

Idea #2
Seriously, dust off the bicycle! Put some air in the tires, put on the safety helmet and go! If you have children, they love to ride bikes or get one with a child’s seat. Take it easy at first. Around the block is a good goal! And there are parks and places to travel to, so you may need a bike rack. It is a good investment! If you don’t have a bicycle, look at garage/yard sales or look for sales in the large department stores. Sometimes you may know of a relative or friend that doesn’t use their bike anymore and will let you have it or borrow it.

Idea #3
Go to a park. Some parks you can rent bikes and double seated bicycles! How fun is that! Go for a stroll and maybe you can see some deer?  Go on the hiking trails or paths. Right now if the leaves are just budding, take advantage of seeing so much more! What can you see across the woods or areas when the leaves are not there? You may be surprised at the “little discoveries” waiting for you. Nature has a way of healing the soul and spring is a time of renewal. Spending time in nature and listening to the birds may be what you needed all along and just didn’t know it.

Idea #4
Go to the golfing range. Golfing is fun – okay people either love it or hate it or love hating it when they cannot improve their score. Anyway, if you do like golf – walk instead of riding in the cart and maybe skip the beer or soda pop this time! Well just one time? Anyway the point is to find a fun activity that is done outdoors – like Frisbee golf! Now if you don’t like golf – who doesn’t like throwing a disc or Frisbee? Popularity of this activity is spreading so you probably can find a course near you. Locations can be found at this site: Website Link

Idea # 5
Jogging – ever thought about it, but it looked too intimidating to try?  It doesn’t matter the age, people can start learning how to jog.  Did you know vigorous activity at least 3 hours a week may be linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer and other diseases? If you don’t like jogging try another activity like tennis or racket ball.  Here are some websites for tips on how to begin.

Jogging The Course: Informative Guide to Jogging by Miami University Middletown. Website Link

How to Jog by ehow.com: Website Link

How to Get Started with Running by Christine Luff: Website Link

Please don’t let rain drops keep you inside! Remember how we get “…May flowers” and you know there is always the mall! Go for a walk and window shop when the weather isn’t cooperating. Anyway depending on your life style, time constraints, physical abilities look for a way to get outdoors and enjoy spring.

Happy exercising!

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