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  June 2010
Should I Wait to Lift Weights?  

Ask the Exercise Physiologist:

Q.   I want to release (lose) a lot of weight.  Should I wait to lift weights/do resistance training and just do cardio now? I don’t want to get “bigger”

A.  Do not wait!  Weight training/resistance training is crucial to help you maintain your metabolic rate while you release weight.  After the first few weeks of quite a bit of water loss, normal weight loss is 75% fat and 25% MUSCLE.  Losing muscle slows metabolism. That is why so many people gain their weight back so quickly.  We definitely want to prevent this.

Doing 8-10 different moves
8-12 repetitions
2 sets
ONE time a week can prevent this muscle loss.  (many men can even build with this)

2 days a week (which I recommend) helps everyone build and SPEEDS up metabolism, helping your body release fat better.   Remember to not lift the same muscle groups 2 days in a row, they need a day off in between.  With aerobic exercise you don’t.

                        Lisa Merrill MS, RD, CDE

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