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  November 2009
Lifting Weights and Getting Bigger  

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Q. I have begun to lift weights as part of my weight loss regimen and I am only getting bigger and my pants are tighter around my legs.  HELP!!!

When you lift weights you will have lactic acid in your muscles afterwards.  This is the metabolic byproduct of worked muscles and is the soreness you feel.  Massage therapists can actually feel it.   So, your muscles are swollen so to speak and will be temporarily bigger so pants will be tighter and you may even see the scale go up.  If you do a tape measurement of yourself you may be temporarily bigger too.  As your body builds muscle it will increase the metabolism so you’ll be burning more calories even when you sleep.  (Think of a V8 engine versus a yugo..the V8 engine needs a lot more fuel just to idle at the light)

This overall increase in metabolism will help your body release the “cush” (fat) off the top and you’ll start noticing definition in your muscles.   Especially with a healthy diet and plenty of cardio too.

This can apply to the arms as well.
Women need at least one day a week of weight training to preserve the muscle mass if they are losing weight….2 days a week if they are trying to build muscle.
8-10 different exercises
8-12 reps
2 sets
Day off in between if using the same muscle groups
(you don’t need a day off from cardio though)

See my archived exercise tips for more information on this.

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