Exercise Tip  
  February 2010
HALT... (a MENTAL exercise)  

Sometimes we eat because we aren’t hungry
Here is an acronym to think about if we aren’t sure and want to double check.
It’s called HALT!!!

H       Hungry….am I truly hungry?

A      Angry/agitated…..am I feeling this?

L       Lonely or bored?....am I feeling this way? 

T       Tired?     Am I eating just because I’m tired….?

Try to catch yourself if you are eating for any other reason than being truly hungry.   Distract yourself for 5-10 minutes with a small project and see if it goes away.
Some Ideas:
Brush your teeth
Go to bed (if you are tired and it’s late)
Send some emails
Clean a drawer, organize your desk
Fold laundry (can’t eat Doritos and fold laundry!)
Put on nail polish
Go thru the sale papers
Go outside, walk
Get out of house
Read a book or article in a magazine
Repot a plant


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