Exercise Tip  
  August 2010
BOSU Ball  

People use the BOSU ball in fitness gyms, physical therapy clinics and at home.

The name refers to the ability to use both sides of this half ball:
S –      SIDES
U –      UP

Use:  People use for balance challenges and can be used for cardio or strength training exercises.

Average Cost: $100 - $150 U.S. Dollars

Safety Tips:
People with weak or sprained ankles or unsteady gait should not use a BOSU ball unless under the direction of a physical therapist.

When trying it for the first time – place by a counter or heavy chair so you can touch it for balance or have a person stand by you in case you need extra support.

Recommend trying a BOSU ball at a gym to see if you like it before purchasing one.

To see how the BOSU ball is used check out these sites:




Julie Koning
Senior Dietetics Student
Eastern Michigan University

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