Welcome to Lisamerrill.com

PLEASE NOTE: FROM  APRIL 15th to MAY 5, I am not taking any new clients so I can process all the folks that came in the last 2-3 weeks while I was working slower due to being very sick with covid.   If you can wait, that is awesome and I am honored, but if you can’t I totally understand that too. 

If you want to send the intake form to me during this time I will hold on to it and process it in the order it came in, AFTER MAY 5th.

For current clients – if you need anything TEXT or call me at 734-502-8264

Why Choose A Registered Dietitian?

No other health profession has the background & expertise to adequately provide medical nutrition therapy.

From a cost benefit perspective, nutrition intervention by a R.D. is much less expensive than hospitalizations that may result from poor & inadequate control & management of some medical conditions.

The R.D. is the only health professional specifically trained to access patients nutritional status and provide nutrition therapy individualized for eating habits, lifestyle, budget nutrient needs required for the patients diagnosis.

Me and my guy Bob

Lisa’s Promise to You

Education is the key to success. I will teach you how to improve your labs, decrease your medications, attain a healthy weight & improve your physical fitness levels ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Making changes is a process rather than an event & I will let you change at your own pace.

I promise to give you the personal guidance & attention to help you succeed, using an enthusiastic, yet gentle, approach.

I will help clear up confusion created by the media, inaccurate books, fads and false advertising.

I will help improve the quality of your life by teach you how to take charge of your diabetes & heart disease.